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build pipeline, & dominate your competition

Forgematic helps B2B, SaaS, & e-commerce companies boost brand awareness and increase conversions from search.

I do this via SEO, paid search, and coffee. Lots of coffee. Like, a stupid amount of β˜•οΈ.

What can I help you with?


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PS: I ❀️ Webflow sites. Most people don't understand SEO for Webflow, but I know all the ins & outs.


Trusted by growing brands like:

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What I do

Whether you're refining your current strategy, starting a new one, or just need help supplementing campaigns -- I got you.

SEO πŸ“ˆ

Starting with an initial audit to determine quick fixes, we'll continuously execute on a bespoke strategy just for you.

On-site excellence, GMB optimization, and backlinks, coming right up.

Plus, a content strategy to guide the next few months.

SEO Content ✍️

SEO is nothing without content!

I work with a team of U.S.-based writers, supply them with a ton of research, and they write posts that rank your brand.

PPC πŸ“’

Google will take all of your ad dollars if you don't know what you're doing.

When you let me manage your paid search it's some money in & more money out.


Recent Work

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We love projects that challenge us and force us to think out of the box. We'll never do work that's generic or follow trends blindly. We’re passionate about thoughtful projects that tell a story.

Hi, I'm Jordan. And I actually

give a sh*t about your business

Why Forgematic?

I'm different. I taught myself marketing while I was a DJ. Then, I stopped DJing to work for SaaS startups. And generated millions of pipeline for those startups.

Now you can find me waving a whiskey at my computer screen as I try to outpace my client's competition.

I only work with a handful of clients at a time so I can kick ass for them.

Which is basically the opposite of that agency you're currently talking to.

They'll sign as many clients as they can to make up for the five unhappy ones that just churned due to lack of results.

Oh, and unlike that freelancer that keeps ghosting you and sending you back to Upwork or some other God-forsaken marketplace, I take account management seriously.

In fact, add me to Slack and hit me up any time.

If you're not interested in getting results for your business, definitely DO NOT CLICK THE LINK BELOW.
Otherwise, holla.

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Confessions from humans I work with

"Jordan has been a pleasure to work with. It's rare to find someone who can both develop a high level marketing strategy and execute it. I've learned so much while leveling up Flow Phantom's marketing. I couldn't recommend Jordan more."
Andrew Bass
Flow Phantom
Had a Demo today with a person that found us through a Google Search on a competitor. Way 2 go!
Cloud Security SaaS Company
"We recently hired Jordan to consult for one of our clients, and the experience was nothing short of stellar!"
Webflow Agency Owner
Agency Consulting
Why us

Still unsure?

Not sure why but ok here's some stats:
Years of Experience

I've been building my own businesses via online growth since the mid to late aughts. Then I decided to do it professionally and have worked on small teams at startups to grow to amazing funding rounds, enterprise pipeline attributable to search and ppc, and lots of company snack eating.

Satisfied Clients

We believe that the surest measure of success is when a client partners with us more than once. Over half our clients stay with us for longer than a single project.

Excellence Awards

We may be young but our agency has already won 13 Excellence Awards for our work with Valley Fresh and Right Choice, among others.

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