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Forgematic: weekly marketing roundup

👋 Hi, I'm Forge (or Jordan, if you know me IRL)!

I created Forgematic to help people stay current on marketing trends, learn strategy from other marketers, and collect the best tactics and links into a weekly email.

So, you can be a better marketer in five minutes or less. Get news, insights, and resources in an easy-to-read email, every Sunday morning 💌.

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💌: Copywriting Inspo & TikTok Money

👋Hi everyone, I’m back with another roundup of what’s happening this week in marketing. Make sure you check out the copywriting section for an absolutely epic resource to help when you need to write some short copy.Forgematic agency is off to a great start. There’s a

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💌: Chronological IG is almost here 👀

👋Hi everyone! I’m back with another week of what’s happening in the marketing world. Lots of testing goin on in social media and lots happening in SEO as well. This week, I’ve been really investing more on growing the business via Twitter. Consistently tweeting and being helpful

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💌 2021 belonged to TikTok. 2022 too?

👋What’s up y’all. Here we are in 2022. It’s crazy to type those words because it feels like 2021 flew by. I’m excited about the possibilities for this year and what’s going to change in marketing.I’m not going to make any predictions outside