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Forge / Jordan Chavis
Forge / Jordan Chavis
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Hi everyone! I’m back with another week of what’s happening in the marketing world. Lots of testing goin on in social media and lots happening in SEO as well.

This week, I’ve been really investing more on growing the business via Twitter. Consistently tweeting and being helpful has been helping me have early conversations with new potential agency clients. Writing tweets daily is a cheat code for business.

I’ll expand on that in another issue, but for now here’s this week’s roundup:

Social media and the creator economy

SEO & content marketing

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Copywriting, branding & advertising

Just for fun

Woo! You made it to the end. Thank you so much for being here for another week.

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Thanks again, and I'll see you again next week!

- Forge

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Yo! I’m Forge. I spent the last 13 years as a DJ. I took what I learned on the side and became a digital marketer. If I can learn it, you can learn it.